He Ao Kotahi sends prominent Māori artists thousands of miles from home to draw on and highlight the similarities between Maori and other indigenous cultures. Through their eyes and ears we will see how the art and culture of our indigenous cousins worldwide has evolved, and the measures taken to ensure their precious art forms survive into the 21st century.


In the first web-series, the multi-faceted Paitangi Ostick: Tā Moko artist, painter, and carver, travels to Palestine to observe, compare and collaborate with Palestinian artists and to follow a long held dream of meeting with the Bedouin Community to interact with their Kuia who are among the last remaining carriers of their tradition of facial moko.

Already screened on Maori Television (July 2017) was our one hour pilot featuring carver, Ta Moko artist and musician, Katz Maihi. Of the journey, Katz had this to say: "Despite any language challenges, we will be producing fine art and fine art is its own language. We will be creating a form of communication about our struggles, our strengths, our identity, differences, similarities and life. Any time we get to take our culture and history around the world we must do that. This opportunity will allow us into the homes of people from some of the oldest nations on earth."

Watch the web series and follow Paitangi's journey as she meets the resilient and resourceful Palestinian's ensuring the continuation of their precious art forms.

Learn more about the people, their culture and traditions in the He Ao Kotahi Team Talk, documenting some of the behind the scenes action that went into the making of the web-series.


Meet the Palestinian artists via our Artist Showcases, as well as a host of established NZ Maori arts practitioners. 

Join us as we celebrate indigenous success here, in Aotearoa, and around the world.