Episode 4, Fact 1 - Palestinian Children's Art Centre

Painting by a young artist at the Palestinian Children's Art Centre

Painting by a young artist at the Palestinian Children's Art Centre

The violence and bloodshed over the past decades in Palestine greatly affected the children's behaviour and natural life.  After the February 1994 massacre at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron the children of Hebron were deeply affected and their behaviour changed dramatically.  This led to the creation of the PCAC, a non-profit, non-governmental institution established in 1994 with activities and programs towards development of the Palestinian Childs intellectuality.  The PCAC’s objectives are to help children regain their natural life, psychological wellness and explore the creative and talented children in all fields to achieve the P.C.A.C slogan "Towards A Creative Palestinian Child" by helping to reinforce the Palestinian Culture among children to assist in all aspects in order to strengthen their role in building the future of their society.

With varying activities, educational programmes, annual meetings of 6-8 year olds for "Hope of Tomorrow" art and music workshops, library, public education, lectures, seminars on various child-related issues and exchange programmes with other countries.

A group established within PCACis children’s musical group, Al-Salaam. It was formed for the purpose of re-introducing the spirit of justice, freedom and dignity for all the children through artistic activities. The children felt it was important to establish the group to spread awareness, friendship, equality, hope and respect among children through art.

Al-Salaam group says loudly: "Let us Live peacefully, Let us live in dignity".

With many local and international festivals their word is spreading and uplifting the lives of many children.