PAULA WHETU JONES - Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Whakatōhea , Ngāti Porou

Paula is the Director of Whitiora Productions Ltd, a boutique production house based in Auckland, NZ. Paula’s directorial debut was in 2002 with the award-winning documentary, 'Gang Girls' and she has made a number of social issue documentaries since. Over the last few years Paula has branched out, turning her hand to film as a scriptwriter, completing her Masters of Creative Writing for Scriptwriters at Auckland University of Technology and most recently participating in the ground-breaking film project, 'Waru'. Paula is the brains behind the first He Ao Kotahi initiative featuring Katz Maihi, master carver, Tā Moko artist and awesome fullah; a one-hour documentary that screened on Māori Television in July, 2017. The intention is to recut this doco into a second web series and play it out after, "Pai in Palestine" is complete. 


THE CREW - Pai in Palestine


Awesome guy, translator, but usually had lots of trouble translating Kiwi English into Arabic. Born and raised in Jerusalem, my interest in photography and film began in 2009 when I gained my Bachelor Degree in Jordan. I worked as a Director of Photography at Shashat productions in Jordan in 2013 and have worked on many TV productions, music videos and TV commercials.  I decided to come back to Palestine in 2014 to work as a freelance filmmaker and established a production house called Manshour Productions in Ramallah in late 2015.

"I love working with the kiwis" (the producer added this statement but we know it's true) 


Ash has a real passion for creating engaging media that can connect and enthral an audience, and has experience working on both drama and factual documentary. He has also post-coordinated multiple projects through his company Hotshot Media, including the kids sci-fi web series, 'Reset'.


(bag carrier, hurrier-upper, aunty, HAK spokesperson, cat herder, wahine toa)

Shirley is a native Aucklander, has accumulated over 20 years in the event and television industries and is an experienced project manager and producer. She's also spent a decade or two in the social development sector and brings specialist skills in community engagement and group facilitation. Shirley is a gifted cat-herder, is heavily inoculated against panic and happens to be an excellent parallel-parker (not so great with backing a trailer though).



My name is Rodney Quach. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1987. My official title would be Motion Graphic Artist. However, my interests extend out into many other avenues such as music, art, film and cooking.

My journey to the present day has been a valuable one. Developing my own style of creative expression, enhancing my strengths throughout the years. I’m always on the search for inspiration. I always strive to be better. Creating things is pretty much my life in a nutshell.



Apart from being born with a box brownie in my face I've had an avid interest in photography from a young age. My first camera was a very flimsy plastic affair that didn't take real pictures but looked the part, more along the lines of a 007 style, secret agent multi purpose weapon. However my latest affair with a camera is the Canon 6D. This does take real photos and with a bit of imagination, a degree in electronics, photonics and visualonics it's a beast. To capture that image; a split second in time, then look back at it and it can tell you a story or it begs an explanation and creates conversation, then it's a job well done and the satisfaction can be tangible.'


AWHINA MOA - PRODUCTION ANGEL - Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungungu

Kia Ora, my name is Awhina Moa. I was born in Gisborne but grew up in Hastings since 7 years old. I have a beautiful daughter 6 years old and have been a stay home mum since she was born. I have an awesome partner that has supported us this whole time.  I have been given the opportunity doing some part time work with Paula and the Whitiora Production Crew and so far its been an awesome experience. I have learnt so much already and only wanting to learn more. 

Mauri Ora.    



Ko Piripiri te Maunga, Ko Waitohi te Awa, Ko Waikawa te Marae, Ko Te Ātiawa te Iwi, Ko Clea taku ingoa. I designed the website for He Ao Kotahi and run web design company Manawa Design. My passion is working with Māori small businesses, creatives, artists and idea makers. I am inspired every day by the ridiculous amount of talent that comes through from our people. Website design for me, is a way to help broaden the global reach of Māori and share all the positive things we have to offer the world. The He Ao Kotahi site is an example of that.



Antonio translated our English in to Te Reo Māori and did the Maori Voice for our audio files He is a former recipient of the Tau Mai e Kāpiti writers residency & has also written two Plays in Te Reo. Antonio was one of the writers on Velvet Stone's Māori language television series Kairākau. As a co-presenter on the TV Gardening show Kiwi Maara he translated all his own pieces to camera. He has a published book of short stories in both Māori and English  and he is pleased to announce that they will be released soon.



Waka: Tākitimu me Mātaatua , Hapū : Ngāti Whakaiti, Maunga: Kahurānaki me Panekire. Raised in Wine Country Hawkes Bay New Zealand, Te Wiremu's voice goes down just as well as the local award winning wines. Opera singer, entertainer, vocal coach, choreographer, choir master and voice over technician, Te Wiremu has mastered them all.

Dan profile.jpg


Ko Maunganui te maunga, ko Waipoua te Awa, ko Kawerua te Moana, ko Manumanu te tāngata. I takoto ai tōna whakataukī ina rā tō Iwi āno he koroī Te Roroa.

Dan’s diverse skillset has seen him working in many roles in the media industry. He has spent over a decade tweaking all things audio and is creative director of production company Tupu Films that focuses on kaupapa driven documentary. He also has spent time working in audio post for film and tv, producing music, and is currently lecturing in film sound at Unitec’s School of Performing and Screen Arts. He has a passion for music, film and indigenous storytelling.