Palestinian Artist Highlight: Nadin Burqan - Musician & Artist


“Art shouldn’t be pretty. It shouldn’t be ugly. But it shouldn’t be easy.”

It’s the same as living in Palestine. It’s not pretty, it’s not ugly, but it’s certainly not easy. Born in Denmark, and raised in Jerusalem, stuck between two cities, and two cultures, it became hard for me to define who I am, and where I belong.

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As a self-taught artist, I believe that Art made it possible for me to express visually, instead of verbally. Through art, I learned how to respond to my surroundings, and how to adapt, by re-picturing the sceneries and questioning the reality constantly. I find myself wondering: Who am I as an artist? And, what am I trying to do with my art?

It becomes a challenge answering these questions when you live a contradiction: By trying to find the balance between the conservative Middle Eastern culture, in Palestine and the openness of the western civilization, in Denmark. Through my artwork, I try to bridge the differences in order to make space for the ‘Other’, by thinking outside the box.

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Throughout this journey of travelling thoughts and exploration, I have formed a multinational and multicultural connection, by taking in consideration the different perspectives. This has affected my ideology as an artist as my work has become more diverse and has expanded my knowledge on how to address my audience and to transmit messages. For me, it was the birth of a new artistic language.

Once I learned how to read it, I realized it was time to perform it. I feel that it is my responsibility as an artist to become a leader in my field, since not many have the access to the same opportunities, due to the political. Therefore, I am trying to break the stereotypes, and to introduce something new. My aim is to help my community, by showing that it is fine to be different, and to let go of the traditional at times.