Maori Artist Showcase - Weaver, Tui Roman

Photo credit: Tracey Stevens Photography

Photo credit: Tracey Stevens Photography

My name is Tui Roman.
My fathers name was Jack Roman and my mothers name was Korama Kena-Ruatara. 
I am a direct descendant of chief Ruatara of Rangihoua.

I am a Harakeke weaver and specialize in the art of Kete Whakairo. I have been weaving for over 20 years. I was taught the traditional art by my aunty Meriana Ruatara in 1995.  Learning helped me cope with the grieving process of losing my 17 year old son Hemi, who was a passenger in a drink driving car accident in 1996.

Since learning the traditional Kete Whakairo, I have ventured out and have been experimenting with my creativity and have produced some contemporary pieces.  I also enjoy making bouquets and table settings for weddings. I have had some mahi published in a book called 'Pacific Patterns'.  I have also had my mahi exhibited in numerous museums, galleries, art shows and countries all around the world

My whole family have been a part in the preparation and weaving of harakeke.  I get great joy to see my moko's amongst it. 

I believe Kete Whakairo is in crisis of becoming an extinct art and is as important as our Māori language to keep alive for future generations.